How 3d printers will affect a modern medicine?

3D printing.

Modern times brought modern technology. Previously we used black and white printers and then we have started to use the one with ink and paint until we passed on laser ones. At one point printer companies were afraid that no one will use printers in the future. Everything is digitalized and people print less and less. However, we are talking here about 2D printing, we keep neglecting how this part of industry is evolving constantly and nowadays as a result we have 3D printing. Even though it is in its early phase we can say that in the future this revelation is going to affect entire industry and all its branches. Not all of us know how to use them but you can find some hints online.

How does it actually work?

3D printing or how other people like to call it Additive Manufacturing is based on three-dimensional object. It refers to processes that we use to create those objects. By 3D objects we think any object that you can imagine in your surroundings. Here computer has a full control under the creation of object layers. It can create any shape you want from geometry to completely irregular ones. Before you even start printing it is necessary to examine any possible error. Most CAD applications can produce errors such as noise shells or holes. This is the main reason why people use STL in this process. In STL we have “repair” step, which main purpose is to fix problems in the original model. Once you finished with STL process your design is ready for a “slicer” that converts the model into a series of thin layers and produces so-called G-code. Eventually, the G-code file can be printed with 3D client software.


Where we can encounter 3D printing?

We’ve already had buildings made by 3D printers, or jewelry and even dresses. Yes, Dita Von Tease was one of the first models, which was wearing a dress designed and created by this technique. Coco Chanel was one of the first designers that have started using 3D printers to design modern dresses, probably the ones we are going to wear in the future. Edit date and time07

How 3D printing will affect medicine?

As the newest part of technology we need to say it is still in progress at least when it comes to more serious branches such as medicine. However, scientist believes that this machine will be able to make the entire body organs and that we will be able to recover any skin injury and to build entire part of the body, such as leg or arm. If this becomes reality then we will be at the completely new era and thousands of lives will be saved.  This will help us create entire new branch of a medicine and help doctors to perform surgeries better than the best sergeant in the world. With software without serous defaults you can rest assured any surgery will be 100% precise and performed without any possible obstacles. There is not person that is more prices than a machine.




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