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Space travel: technology for the future

Space travelling.

Space travelling.

Imagine a boy staring up at the night sky. We’ve all been that boy at some point in our lives. But the difference between us all is how deep into that black sky we are prepared to look. Some will just glance at the small dots of blinking light and quickly look away. But some of us will stop and think: “When will we ever travel there?” For all of you how still, from time to time, stop and think like that little boy, we prepared the latest updates about the civilization’s hopes of interstellar travel.

Of course, we are still very far away from developing a technology which would takes us as close as Alpha Centauri, the closest star to Earth when we exclude our Sun. Keep reading and see what kind of ideas our best scientists have about the ways to get to distant stars.

Space sails

One of the reasons why our spaceships have such limited space travel capacity is the amount of fuel they would have to carry for long space travels. A key element to any distant-faring space vehicle will certainly be an alternative propulsion method. There is a new idea based on an old concept. These are pace sails which ships would deploy in space so they can capture solar energy.

Light comes in small packets of energy, but when you gather enough of these packets, you get a lot of thrust. Photons of light carry a tiny amount of momentum, but multiply it with billions… The best advantage of such a vehicle is the fact that it can keep accelerating steadily, as long as photons keep hitting the sail .Major drawback is the fact we would have to find a way to construct gigantic sails.


Ion engine

Ion propulsion is a proven concept in science fiction novels and movies, but still a dream on present day Earth. Still, scientists believe that ion engines will be constructed in the relatively near future. These machines work by accelerating charged fuel particles (usually the noble gas xenon) to harness their velocity. For example, conventional rockets can create about 5km/s of thrust. Ion engines can speed up the particles to anywhere from 15 to 35 km/s.

Alcubierre drive

The most exotic propulsion method among the mentioned, the Alcubierre drive is theoretically the most demanding. It includes the notion that it is possible, rather that it will be possible, to modify spacetime. In more detail, this means that one day we will be able to travel by contracting spacetime in front of the ship and expanding spacetime behind it. This concept, however, is very far away from us. We still need to figure out a lot of physical phenomena to understand and build this kind of engine. Who knows, if we ever manage to understand the nature of dark matter and the hypothetical concept of negative mass, we might have the means to build an Alcubierre drive and fly away to galaxies far beyond.



How technology has changed our world?

Virtual technology.

Virtual technology.

People used to surf in the ocean, nowadays they surf on the internet. We are discovering the world with only couple of clicks. We have created a completely new realm and universe that we popularly call virtual one. We can input and output our content very fast and make it international and available to people from all over the world. Technology has changed our world in only one century faster than it’d done centuries ago. Once one man said that for good things take time and great things happen all at once. The same is with a technology. It has evolved rapidly and made us stoned in front of such a powerful phenomenon.

What was the strongest impact of technology?

If we look around we will see that during the history human kind did everything to communicate. We have evolved the way that we created a language in order to communicate among each other. Our mind managed to find the way to express ourselves. However, reality is slow comparing to our mind. Our thoughts are fast and sometimes faster than light. Human kind wasn’t satisfied with speech and it has been trying for centuries to speed up its communication. With speech we could only communicate with our neighbor. Human kind wanted to evolve this and to communicate with people from distant places, it started to use mails, and newspaper in order to keep people informed. Nowadays, we have Internet and social media that are faster than news and probably more accurate. We finally created something that is function in the exact same way as our mind. Our mind is based on related thoughts and associations. One thought will lead us to another similar one, just like link can pull you in completely different direction that it was at first place. Have you ever tried to study with Internet?

How we managed to transfer our lives into the virtual one?


Although we are not literally living in the virtual world, we must admit that a lot of our activities are performing online. Take online banking for example. We entirely run business online. We can not to touch any coin or bill for years and still shopping or running business online. That is the beauty of modern time and developed technology. You can do almost everything online: shopping, making transactions, paying your rents, chatting with somebody, even dating. You can play games, you can learn to play games via online tutorials or you can even find out about some tricks to play them .You can also play virtual games where you can enjoy 3D graphics and even use your body, moving it like in a real world.

No matter what we think, technology has changed us and it is going to change us even more and to affect absolutely every aspect of our lives. Future is coming and we do not know what to expect because it is coming too fast.




How 3d printers will affect a modern medicine?

3D printing.

3D printing.

Modern times brought modern technology. Previously we used black and white printers and then we have started to use the one with ink and paint until we passed on laser ones. At one point printer companies were afraid that no one will use printers in the future. Everything is digitalized and people print less and less. However, we are talking here about 2D printing, we keep neglecting how this part of industry is evolving constantly and nowadays as a result we have 3D printing. Even though it is in its early phase we can say that in the future this revelation is going to affect entire industry and all its branches. Not all of us know how to use them but you can find some hints online.

How does it actually work?

3D printing or how other people like to call it Additive Manufacturing is based on three-dimensional object. It refers to processes that we use to create those objects. By 3D objects we think any object that you can imagine in your surroundings. Here computer has a full control under the creation of object layers. It can create any shape you want from geometry to completely irregular ones. Before you even start printing it is necessary to examine any possible error. Most CAD applications can produce errors such as noise shells or holes. This is the main reason why people use STL in this process. In STL we have “repair” step, which main purpose is to fix problems in the original model. Once you finished with STL process your design is ready for a “slicer” that converts the model into a series of thin layers and produces so-called G-code. Eventually, the G-code file can be printed with 3D client software.


Where we can encounter 3D printing?

We’ve already had buildings made by 3D printers, or jewelry and even dresses. Yes, Dita Von Tease was one of the first models, which was wearing a dress designed and created by this technique. Coco Chanel was one of the first designers that have started using 3D printers to design modern dresses, probably the ones we are going to wear in the future. Edit date and time07

How 3D printing will affect medicine?

As the newest part of technology we need to say it is still in progress at least when it comes to more serious branches such as medicine. However, scientist believes that this machine will be able to make the entire body organs and that we will be able to recover any skin injury and to build entire part of the body, such as leg or arm. If this becomes reality then we will be at the completely new era and thousands of lives will be saved.  This will help us create entire new branch of a medicine and help doctors to perform surgeries better than the best sergeant in the world. With software without serous defaults you can rest assured any surgery will be 100% precise and performed without any possible obstacles. There is not person that is more prices than a machine.




Essential space travel technology we need to develop

Robotics Intelligence.

Robotics Intelligence.

When people ask me are we spending to much money on space exploration, i get a little annoyed. My usual answer is to explain how much money we spend on the military and all those small scale and proxy wars. When people hear the numbers, they usually change their opinion. It is a well-known fact that the US spend 600 billion dollars a year on the military, and only about 20 on NASA.

I believe that it is very important for people to know that and that people still need to dream about exploring new worlds. The Earth is still essentially important to us and it will be our home for centuries to come, but a day will come when we will have to fly away. For that, we will need to be a much more technologically advanced civilization. Keep reading to see what are the most important technologies we will need to develop before we fare off into the distant space.


It is no use to travel far from your planet when you have no means to communicate with home. It turns out that long-distance space calls are a major obstacle. NASA is currently working on something called LCRD – Laser Communications Relay Demonstration. This technology will enable us to send information from ships to the Earth and back at about 10 to 100 times the current speed.This, to put it in wi-fi terms, means we could send a 100Mbs signal from Mars to Earth. This means we could send a photograph of Mars to Earth in about 5 minutes, instead of 90 minutes, our present rate.


We employ robots here on Earth every day. But we will have to master the science of robotics if we are to land a spaceship on a hostile planet. You will agree that having  a fully functional robot copy of a human comes in handy when you have to face severe athmospheric condition of even unfriendly intelligent life. Ok, we might not see C3PO or R2D2 any time soon, but smart rovers or capable exploration robots will certainly be available.

Nasa logo.

Tackling microgravity

Sci-fi movies make us forget about gravity. But not having gravity while traveling through space is a major problem. Mainly because it can cause severe problems with your body if you do not approach it the right way. For example, the muscles of astronauts will atrophy quite quickly. Another problem is bone mass loss, followed by a disturbed sense of balance, and so on.

Today, scientists constructed special suits and machines which astronauts use to avoid these debitilitating changes of their bodies. They have to undergo specially designed training programs and take medications and special types of food. For longer space travels, we will need a permanent solution which will, most likely, revolve around carefully designed, spinning spaceships which will employ centrifugal force as a substitute for Mother Earth’s gravity.



Top 4 technology trends of this year

It is just amazing how technology has captured our lives. Because of technology we can now communicate in various ways and get all the information we need instantly. Every year, new technologies are being invented. This year, we have the following technology trends.

Smart home technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT and smart home technology have revolutionized our lives. The latest apps and smart appliances have made our lives more comfortable. Now the specialists are trying to create a single experience for the user by interconnecting all these applications.

Augmented reality (AR)

AR is now used in many fields including medical, military, navigation, tourism, etc. AR is widely used in games. It is used by medical students to practice surgical procedures within a controlled environment. Modern GPS systems also use AR. The tourism sector also uses AR extensively.

Artificial intelligence and automation

We now have automated customer service system. There are now chatbots that clearly understands context. It is expected that other tasks will be automated in future as well due to the advancement in the field of artificial intelligence.

3D printing

3D printers are now used widely. You will find a 3D printer for as less as $200. 3D printers are now used across many sectors including education, medical, industrial, architecture, etc. for creating models and prototypes.

All these technologies are here to stay for many more years. They will become more advanced and can be used in many other sophisticated applications.


3 ways people are using Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the latest innovations that have gained huge popularity. Previously, it was mainly used for industrial purposes. But now it is used in our everyday lives. The IoT lets people connect to smart devices more comfortably. Here are the most common ways people are using IoT.

Home application

People can now connect the various home appliances and systems together. For example, you can now connect your garage door opener with your car. You can also connect it to your smart thermostat and the smart lighting system. So, they all start to interact simultaneously when you are on your driveway. By the time you get home, your lights will be on and your rooms will have the preferred temperature.


There is a system called ‘Presence’ that can transform your old Android devices and iPhones into cameras. So, you can view every corner of your house from your smartphone or PC. You can now remotely control the surveillance cameras of your home or motion sensors using IoT.

Self quantification

Using IoT people can now track their sleep patterns, calculate Body Mass Index, etc. Wristbands are found that have software and sensors. These can calculate how many steps you have walked, or what your heartbeat is at the moment, etc.

IoT has made our life more pleasant. You can now do things that you never thought was possible. There will be more advancement in this sector and only your imagination can tell where things might be headed.


3 ways technology has transformed our retail experience

Like the other sectors, the retail industry has also transformed completely because of innovations in technology. It has given shopping a totally different meaning. Here are the interesting ways the retail experience has changed.

RFID tags

These tags have radio frequency identification devices that are used for tracking and identification process. It is used as an alternative to barcodes. It makes inventory management easy. You no longer have to use the traditional checkout system. The customers will get a better service using RFID tags.

Price-comparison apps

There are lots of apps that let you compare the prices of different items. So, you no longer have to pay more to buy something you like. Some of the apps include BuyVia, AisleBuyer, Amazon Price Check, etc. These apps let you get the best deal on a product.

Virtual dressing rooms

Many shops now have virtual dressing rooms. Shoppers can quickly try out clothes or accessories and see how they will look on them. This saves time and people won’t have to wait in the queue any longer to get inside a dressing room to change.

People now shop more using their mobile devices. They can get all the information about different products and services even on the go. The payment system has become easier, customer service has improved and the virtual experience has given people a new dimension to shopping. The technology has made shopping more fun and less time-consuming.