How technology has changed our world?

Virtual technology.

People used to surf in the ocean, nowadays they surf on the internet. We are discovering the world with only couple of clicks. We have created a completely new realm and universe that we popularly call virtual one. We can input and output our content very fast and make it international and available to people from all over the world. Technology has changed our world in only one century faster than it’d done centuries ago. Once one man said that for good things take time and great things happen all at once. The same is with a technology. It has evolved rapidly and made us stoned in front of such a powerful phenomenon.

What was the strongest impact of technology?

If we look around we will see that during the history human kind did everything to communicate. We have evolved the way that we created a language in order to communicate among each other. Our mind managed to find the way to express ourselves. However, reality is slow comparing to our mind. Our thoughts are fast and sometimes faster than light. Human kind wasn’t satisfied with speech and it has been trying for centuries to speed up its communication. With speech we could only communicate with our neighbor. Human kind wanted to evolve this and to communicate with people from distant places, it started to use mails, and newspaper in order to keep people informed. Nowadays, we have Internet and social media that are faster than news and probably more accurate. We finally created something that is function in the exact same way as our mind. Our mind is based on related thoughts and associations. One thought will lead us to another similar one, just like link can pull you in completely different direction that it was at first place. Have you ever tried to study with Internet?

How we managed to transfer our lives into the virtual one?


Although we are not literally living in the virtual world, we must admit that a lot of our activities are performing online. Take online banking for example. We entirely run business online. We can not to touch any coin or bill for years and still shopping or running business online. That is the beauty of modern time and developed technology. You can do almost everything online: shopping, making transactions, paying your rents, chatting with somebody, even dating. You can play games, you can learn to play games via online tutorials or you can even find out about some tricks to play them .You can also play virtual games where you can enjoy 3D graphics and even use your body, moving it like in a real world.

No matter what we think, technology has changed us and it is going to change us even more and to affect absolutely every aspect of our lives. Future is coming and we do not know what to expect because it is coming too fast.




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