3 ways people are using Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the latest innovations that have gained huge popularity. Previously, it was mainly used for industrial purposes. But now it is used in our everyday lives. The IoT lets people connect to smart devices more comfortably. Here are the most common ways people are using IoT.

Home application

People can now connect the various home appliances and systems together. For example, you can now connect your garage door opener with your car. You can also connect it to your smart thermostat and the smart lighting system. So, they all start to interact simultaneously when you are on your driveway. By the time you get home, your lights will be on and your rooms will have the preferred temperature.


There is a system called ‘Presence’ that can transform your old Android devices and iPhones into cameras. So, you can view every corner of your house from your smartphone or PC. You can now remotely control the surveillance cameras of your home or motion sensors using IoT.

Self quantification

Using IoT people can now track their sleep patterns, calculate Body Mass Index, etc. Wristbands are found that have software and sensors. These can calculate how many steps you have walked, or what your heartbeat is at the moment, etc.

IoT has made our life more pleasant. You can now do things that you never thought was possible. There will be more advancement in this sector and only your imagination can tell where things might be headed.


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