3 ways technology has transformed our retail experience

Like the other sectors, the retail industry has also transformed completely because of innovations in technology. It has given shopping a totally different meaning. Here are the interesting ways the retail experience has changed.

RFID tags

These tags have radio frequency identification devices that are used for tracking and identification process. It is used as an alternative to barcodes. It makes inventory management easy. You no longer have to use the traditional checkout system. The customers will get a better service using RFID tags.

Price-comparison apps

There are lots of apps that let you compare the prices of different items. So, you no longer have to pay more to buy something you like. Some of the apps include BuyVia, AisleBuyer, Amazon Price Check, etc. These apps let you get the best deal on a product.

Virtual dressing rooms

Many shops now have virtual dressing rooms. Shoppers can quickly try out clothes or accessories and see how they will look on them. This saves time and people won’t have to wait in the queue any longer to get inside a dressing room to change.

People now shop more using their mobile devices. They can get all the information about different products and services even on the go. The payment system has become easier, customer service has improved and the virtual experience has given people a new dimension to shopping. The technology has made shopping more fun and less time-consuming.


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