Three legendary PC games which changed the gaming world

Gameplay HL.

Gamers love PS4, Xbox and other gaming consoles. But only cool gamers play PC games. PC is like the older brother, even though consoles are getting closer when it comes to online play capabilities and networking. Still, hardcore gamers will always recognize the PC as the only appropriate foundation on which to build a gaming career.

The PC market, we hate to say it, is in a significant decline. Modern, younger gamers want simplicity and the arcade feel of the consoles. But despite that, PC remains the most important platform for the gaming industry. This is because all major breakthroughs and new ideas come to life on a PC. Even if you belong to the younger generation of gamers and you grew up playing the Playstation, it will be interesting for you to see how the gaming industry evolved. You can all learn about the best PC games of all time. We bring you a list of games we, and many more with us, believe to be the vanguards of PC gaming.

Half-Life 2

Have you heard of Gordon Freeman? If not, then you have to get yourself a copy of this game. Many critics consider HL2 to be the best single-player shooter ever designed. In fact, HL2 received 39 “Game of the Year” awards. That says something, doesn’t it?

Let’s see why that is the case. The foundation of the game is the amazing Source engine, which still looks beautiful, even after more than 13 years . No contemporary engine could be matched by Source. Besides the great graphics, this game gave us so much more:  Dazzling mechanics and wonderful puzzles, unique gaming environment and the unforgettable Gravity Gun. Finally, the main protagonist, Gordon Freeman, became a household name. What more is there to say that people are still talking about a sequel?


The impact of Doom is still present, 24 years after the release. This game appeared before FPS games got the name, first person shooters. All games with this concept were considered  “Doom clones” at the time. Advanced 3D graphics were so ahead of the time, the game was violent, but entertaining and scary. Doom remains one of the most influential PC games of all time.


Grand Theft Auto V

The most praised game of the GTA series, GTA V is a standard for an open-world structured game. Rockstar games could not have imagined that the game will be such a success. It brought in well over a billion dollars in the first three days after its release in 2013.

The game is immersive and oozes with quality so that it is hard to keep away from it. The game’s presentation and design still attract millions of players who love the freedom the game provides. GTA V allows players to completely abandon social responsibility and to release mayhem in the virtual city of Los Santos, based on Los Angeles.


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